Sunday, July 25, 2010

Powering along.

Another great leap in progress.The big items are the stairs going in. (No more ladder yay!) Then the kitchen going in with bathroom vanities as well. Also the internal doors, the garage doors and the main front door.Along with the architraves and other carpentary.

We had forgotten to an extent how the kitchen would look, especially with such small colour swatches to go by. We are really happy with the way it has turned out though. Looks fantastic. Even got a few comments from the tradies on the great colur selections.

The front door, while the style and size we wanted, had the wrong inserts. So another is being made and the one in the house at the moment will be replaced.

There has also been an issue with the stairs. We paid extra to have a flat landing in the middle but a step has been put in. We did debate to just live with it, but it was one of the things we wanted and did pay for it, so that is in the process of being redone.

Again Wisdom have been good about it, and said they had a stern talk to the stair people.
Lots of other bits, like the home theatre shelves, wall niches and the corner post on the balcony being done.

This stage has kind of crept up on us. after months of waiting and watching the time to call fencers and landscapers (lawn guys) was here !
So that's been keeping us busy getting quotes and final decisons.

It seems like someone should have said "time to pack up and sort out the outside stuff" or fired a starters pistol,or something, So we still can't belive we could be moving in a few short weeks. It's very tentatvily set for around late August. Fingers crossed !!!

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