Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Council

We were supoposed to have posted the entry below a little earlier so hers's a double for today.
We are in Council !

Our timeline has been upset somewhat by the land registation issues - now saying early December for land registration. However things have been happening in the background and we are into council. Hopefully we get approval before the end of the year so Wisdom can kick off the new Year with our house building !

Land looking better

Well it's been a couple months. It seems nothing and everything has been happening.
We were told that the land would be registered by "early October" and yet here we are still waiting.
We are told it's with Land titles, so hopefully soon.
In the meantime, we have signed our building contract with Wisdom homes, done the colour selections, and have submitted the plans to the Development Review committee. Which hopefully should go through and then we'll be into Council Approval.

We did hit a snag with the landscape plans which is required to be submitted into the Review Committee. Our Landscape designer we had lined up went MIA. No response to emails or phone calls. Even after introducing ourselves a couple months ago.
Anyway, Wisdom recommended someone and he had the plans done in less than 30 hrs from first contact. As usual it cost a bit more, but he did a great job and our plans were submitted pretty much on schedule.

There have been some interesting events with the property we are renting. Which is causing some stress. To keep our spirits high we often visit the land as a little dream booster.
We'll post the colour selections shortly.