Why Wisdom ?

Why Wisdom ?
Well the story begins with us becoming very disillusioned with the builder we thought we were going to build our house. If people are wondering there is an E and B in the name. Of course this is our personal opinion.
Feeling despondent and not sure what to do next, we looked further afield. We had already looked through the Wisdom "Impression" at The Ponds.
 We remembered that we very much liked the style, fixtures, fittings and modern feel of the house just didn’t think the floor plan was what we wanted.
So while reviewing a few builders’ websites we came to the Wisdom website and found the "Aspiration 35 MKII"  It was almost exactly what we were looking for and had been trying to get other floor plans to look like.
So we decided to give Wisdom a closer look.
After having a chat to Colt at the Ponds we almost knew instantly we had found our new house.
The thing that REALLY impressed us was how there was a clear and detailed price list with a separate list of common upgrades. This was fantastic, we had found many builders seem to "size you up" and see how much they can get when you ask about additions and upgrades, so we thought it was great to have price lists at the ready.
The other thing (and another big tick for us) was it was a very comfortable atmosphere, no pressure to sign anything and no hard sell.
The inclusions list and Bonus package was also very impressive. Included a lot of what we wanted rather than fluff or just basic inclusions.
When we finished chatting with Colt, it was mid afternoon, it was my wife's last day of leave and I had the afternoon off. So we decided to race down to the Minto display village to check out the Aspiration 32. A little smaller, but we knew it was the one after a really quick walkthrough.
From there we went to tender and of course Contract signing.
There were some issues with getting things right in the tender so there were a few iterations, back and forth. (So our advice is to check your Tender LINE by LINE)
 Our main issue was with Landcom and Australand delaying the development of our block. Wisdom were good through this though.
As said above it was a relatively comfortable process. I think the nature of the beast (building) will always dictate some stress and red tape wrangling.  When talking with Wisdom it was always a friendly experience. (You can sit down and have a yarn)
There were some harder days as things came down to the wire in Late 2009 and it did feel like we were doing more of the pushing and work most of the time. We did realise it was a bad time of year to come out of council and get things moving. Especially when the industry closed down around that time of year.
This however bubbled over into Jan/Feb. where the "mysterious" delays did start to worry us a little.
After not seeing much happen on our block and being surprised with delays and extra costs, we were getting a bit more apprehensive. Hearing horror stories of people signing up with builders but when it came to the crunch nothing happened.
Anyway. After some more discussions with Colt and some other key staff things got moving in March.
 Since then things have been fantastic. The Site Supervisor is very well organised and keeps us informed. Every day they have said something would happen it has or been early.
The office staff are also very good, when I have asked for a copy of something or made an enquiry there's been a reply usually within a couple of hours.  Our main office contact has been Bianca. (But all have been good and friendly to talk to)
We know that they were going through a growth spurt in late 09, early 2010 so we are putting it down to growing pains when they dropped the ball a bit in this timeframe.
In essence the main reason why we went with Wisdom is that they worked WITH us to achieve our vision and dream, the suggestions made often saved us money or added extra features or benefits way above the cost. Very much so it felt like an exercise in co-operation, not just adding extras to get more money out of us, like some sales staff at other builders tend to treat the exercise.  Colt at the Ponds was instrumental in achieving what we wanted – so a big thanks to him.
So as you would expect, we are happy with our choice to go with Wisdom and would recommend them to others.
This may seem like a testimonial; however no one from Wisdom has asked us to write this. It's just based on our experiences on "why" we chose to go with Wisdom. Therefore it does tend to have a positive spin. (If we thought they were bad we'd have kept looking at other options)

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