Thursday, September 9, 2010

We made it !

Well again just when you thought there would be the most updates, life gets in the way again.
However here we are, the "eve" of our moving in ! Official handover and settlement took place this morning !

As usual we had to focus elsewhere in the past couple of weeks to keep the plates spinning. The final couple of bites at the apple were the whole family getting the flu, yours truly getting a double dose. So we have all been pretty much inactive for the past week.
Then when we thought we had covered all of the bases the bank wanted "another" inspection.

The delay looked like it would mean we would have to delay settlement and moving in by up to four days. Which would have had a huge domino effect. We have so many things lined up especially tomorrow, its not funny.

On the bank stuff, it really does pay to talk to the right person (not even necasarily high up) because after getting knock back after knock back from the bank, we then got a "yea sure, no problem, it will be done by lunchtime Thursday" - yay! They actually called us at 9:30am today (Thursday) saying where do you want to pick up the cheque from ?

So I must say fairly impressed with St. George, they did come though in the end.

The house is essentially finished, there are a few touch ups and a couple of appliances to go in. Fencing kicks off tomorrow, had a sparky doing some work this afternoon. The kitchen light we chose looks as magnificant as we thought it would ! (picture to follow)
The turfing should get done next week as well.
In our travels we also picked up a letterbox.
But the list of goodies we have been picking up and hording for the past 17 months is big, finally we get to unpack and use it !

Anyway here are some pics from the final couple of weeks.
As our internet and phones are going to take a while. (don't get me started) it may be a few weeks, for the next update.
We do hope to keep updating the blog with the "final final" product but won't be for a while unfortunately.

However at this time we would like to thank the people from Wisdom, they really have been a great builder, it really has been other factors that have made this build a challenge, we thank them that they have been a reliable element in the whole process.

While all staff have been courteous and helpful, we would like to especially thank Frank for keeping the construction on track and for heading a construction department that does take the worry out.
The office staff Bianca and Natasha for always helping and assisting even at times when they may have thought we were being a bit "special"
A big Thank you also to Colt and Mark who really did help us in the initial stages with some great ideas. They also provided a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for bouncing thoughts and ideas, and even just having a good old yarn.

Thanks guys.

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