Monday, July 12, 2010

Internals full speed ahead.

Lots of pictures this time around.

Over the past few days we’ve seen the insulation get installed, the outside cladding being put up and the gyprock go on. The guys were really quick and have done a good job. Something that one of the other builders in the street noticed as well.

There was an issue with the sound insulation that we asked for around the study. While we were looking at the gyprock around the study we discovered no insulation had been installed at all. This should be rectified shortly.

Today they were finding and pulling the cables through for the electricity and TV.

Finally the end is coming into sight.

It's another strange feeling that the whole "building" adventure could be at a close in a few short weeks and our purgatory of a rental house can then be vacated.

It's weird in as far as it does, but it doesn't, feel like our

house.... I suppose the operative word will be "yet"

Items such as front door, staircase and kitchen should turn up over the next week or so. Fingers crossed it's downhill from here.


  1. Great pics of the progress! When do you expect completion will be? I hope you don't mind us following your blog, we're also building with Wisdom. Just waiting on our CC and we can get underway!

  2. Looking good. I might try and get down to have a real look over the weekend. Very excited for you.