Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scaffolding up.

This week saw the bricking progress and the scaffolding go up so they could complete the upper level of bricking.
There were a few too many chips on the bricks when they were delivered to the site. (something we were a little concerned with)
So our SS has ordered some more. Therefore bricking should be finished around next Tuesday.

One of the minor issues we have had has been around cavity sliding doors. We always wanted one in the home theatre, but due to a muck up in the tender it was not put into the frame. There was also an issue with the one we wanted in the laundry due to the placement of the pipes. (we also didn't want to sacrifice Laundry space to fit it in)
However Wisdom have come through and resolved both issues, which we are very happy about.

Talking of Wisdom they were also very good about letting us make some last minute changes to the electrical plan. We thought there was another stage where you can refine some of the lighting and switch placement. However when we realised no such stage was coming, we needed to make some quick changes, as seeing the house had underlined some better options for electrical item placement.

There usually is a late variation fee that they let us off this time, but I would suggest to anyone building, make sure your very comfortable with the plan early (we thought we were) and don't assume there will be an opportunity to change it later or that your builder will be so nice about it.

The coming next couple of weeks should see the guttering, facia and roof tiling done.

Hopefully the good weather holds. :-)

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