Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roofing almost done.

Rain was the forecast for Sydney this week, luckily the roofers didn't pay much attention to it and got most of the sarking and roof tiling done on Thursday and Friday.

Earlier in the week the brick cleaner was there in the wet weather doing his thing. Come to think of it they wear a raincoat to work everyday to clean the bricks so wet weather probably doesn't make much of a difference. Just more mud to deal with I suppose.

Anyway, we are really happy with the progress and are almost at a stage where the weather wont affect the building progress. :-)

As you can see the guttering and facia was done as well. We got "Woodland Grey"for guttering, same as the windows and for the facia we got "Dune" which will be the same as the garage door.
So all in all it was another big week. Even with the rain or threat there of.

We also found a possible mistake with one of the internal walls being a half wall instead of a full. (reading the plans we can see how it was made) But it should be fixed soon.

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  1. Glad the roofers were able to finish the roof before the rain started pouring. It’s difficult to work on the roof while it’s raining, not to mention risky. Anyway, looks like the brick cleaner cannot be stopped no matter the weather. Haha! Seems like a professional completely dedicated to the profession! I like that attitude!

    *Will Peartin